11.500 €

PPL(A) course


  • Attica, Greece
  • Arta, Greece

The aim of course:

The aim of the PPL(A) course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to act as Pilot in Command on Single Engine Piston airplanes under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) in non commercial operations. The PPL(A) course is completed within 3 months.

Theoretical & Flight Training:

The PPL(A) theoretical knowledge comprises of 9 Distance Learning subjects via e-Platform of Ionian Aviation. Theoretical training via e-Platform includes inter-active video training, slide presentations, progress tests, sample exams and can commence at any time during the year. The PPL(A) flight training comprises a minimum of 45 hrs (35 hrs are dual and 10 hrs minimum solo as Pilot In Command).

What includes:

  • Theoretical training with Distance Learning via e-Platform

  • 45 hours of flight instruction

  • Pilot's equipment (bag, logbook, maps/charts etc)

  • All required theoretical training materials (PPL e-books, aircraft manuals, check lists etc)

  • Airport landing fees and taxes

  • Any accomodation (extra cost)

  • Any transportation to and from the airport (extra cost)