Do you dream of flying? Do you want an exciting and international career? With Ionian Aviation Flight Academy the dream is just only 1 year away!

Veteran air force and civil aviation Flight Instructors, following the highest of EUROPEAN CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY/EASA standards.

Success, Nothing Less

It’s all about Safety

Dreams come true by signing up to this courses. It can be a complex process, but we've made everything as clear and easy to understand as possible

Live the dream and become a pilot

You are in control of a powerful machine

No office day is the same. You can enjoy the good reputation of being a pilot and you get paid to fly.

The captain salary enables you to have a good life. 

Private Pilot License

Modular Airline Transport Pilot License

Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License

CPL(A) / IR / MEP Modular Course

It's Your Choice

The aim of the PPL(A) course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to act as Pilot in Command on Single Engine Piston airplanes

The course is divided in 3 training stages. 

(ATPL) programmes take students with little or no previous flying experience to a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) level with a 'frozen ATPL' and ....

CPL/IR/MEP Modular is a combination of flight training courses


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Expand Your Horizons

ATPL Theory Course

e-Distance or InHouse lessons

Flight Instructor

Flight Instructor (FI) is a complete course

English Language Proficiency Test

 examines the candidate’s ability to communicate safely in English.

Hour Building

Hour building is one of the most enjoyable stages during your training

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